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    We are the new type of consultants: rather problem solvers than abstract thinkers. Our mission is to solve new, emerging challenges brought forth by the Digital Age. We create profitable and innovative solutions with close cooperation with our clients and customers.

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Our work

Our services

Accelerate growth

We create innovative and profitable strategies for new products and services.

  • Market opportunities
  • Digital Ecosystem Strategy
  • Rapid Innovation Design
  • Change Management

Build distinctive brands

We identify market opportunities to meet customers expectations.

  • Customers expectations analysis
  • Cultural branding
  • Omnichannel strategy
  • Brand Experience Design

Design great User Experience

We address company challenges with user-driven design.

  • Digital products in all touchpoints
  • Mobile Applications
  • Service Design
  • Product Design

Our experience

Years of successful experience with innovative projects have given us the ambition and the vision to start TGTH.

Map of TGTH Clients
  • mBank
  • rainbow
  • payu
  • youlead
  • google
  • tmobile
  • aegon
  • audi
  • spotio
  • lovi
  • brw
  • bzwbk
  • oto
  • auchan
  • nestle
  • perla

Who we are

Our Approach

In Together we believe that best solutions come from working together in well-matched team.

Our Process

We love Design Thinking. We accelerate the project by applying Google Design Sprints. With us, you can develop, choose ideas and tackle business challenges quicker than ever before.

Our Mission

Solving new, emerging problems brought forth by Digital Age. Creating profitable and innovative solutions.

Our Goal

We want to transform your company to be ahead of the market, by preparing you for social and technological changes and help you to adopt the innovation culture.

Meet Our Team

Bartosz Balewski

is a user experience designer, who specializes in interaction and service design. He is a certified Google Sprint Master and a leader of the Google Design Sprint workshop.

Henryk Klawe

is a strategist with experience in brand building and innovation consulting. He is skilled in developing new products and services using design thinking method.

Lech Pastwa

is a user experience researcher and service designer. He knows a lot about technology due to his computer science studies. He is also an experienced quantitative and qualitative data analyst.

Rafał Opaliński

is a strategist with good intuition and unortodox thinking. After work, he runs marathons and participate in urban movements.

Wiktor Madejczyk

is a strategist with analytical soul. His experience in trade marketing gives him strong basis to create effective campaigns. After work, he explores the secrets of guitar improvisation.

Patryk Stańczyk

is a graphic designer, with a special passion for design of interfaces and mobile applications. Besides visual side, he's interested in the whole process of creating a product and gladly participate in every step of it.

Oleksandr Pavliv

is a user interface designer focused on creating interfaces for websites and mobile applications. He knows and understands how to introduce current design trends.

Daria Skrzyniarz

has been in our team since we have started. She works as an an accountant and her speciality is enterprise finance. She has also experience as a debt collector, which allows her to account us from all invoices. After work, she is cinema and literature enthusiast.

Client Testimonials

  • I worked side by side with Bartosz to help optimise the betsson.com brand. I have to say that Bartosz is one of the best UX designers i have ever had the pleasure of working with - We worked on some very interesting projects, that we're very successfully received. I have no problem in recommending Bartosz to any business that is in need of a UX designer.

    Christopher Farrugia Head of Design at "Coming Soon"
  • Bartosz has a contagious energy and passion that makes him a strong partner in any project. I got the chance to work with him leading a 30-person Design Sprint event with Google, and would love the opportunity to work with him again in a similar capacity. He works hard, is up for any challenge, and pays lots of attention to each person during the event to understand and respond to their needs as they change. I admired his flexibility in this way. Bartosz also has an observant, reflective mind, able to clearly give and receive feedback during debriefs to make things better in the future - a great quality to have!

    Claire Shapiro UX Program Manager, Google Play
  • Henryk's knowledge and experience make him an extremly valuable advisor, but the most unique features of working with him are his imagination and the ability to take a holistic view of the issue. His commitment is comprehensive, inquisitive, empathetic and has contributed to not only the improvement of the specific business areas, but also to the greater understanding of many of my own mechanisms. Henryk is able to put the problem in an unexpected way and identify solutions embedded in the context of in-depth understanding of the specific nature of company's business and utilizing its potential
    in the most effective way.

    Marta Stąpor Founder, Szyjemy Sukienki

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